In 1930 the Italian National Library in Turin purchased the personal collection of autograph manuscripts by the great Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi. Without this fortuitous incident, we would forever have had only a very partial picture of a man who was arguably the most significant Italian composer of the eighteenth century.

Known as the Foà and Giordano collection, after the donors who made the purchase possible, this assemblage of music scores contains nearly 450 works by Vivaldi: hundreds of concertos for various instruments and much vocal music, both secular and sacred. With few exceptions, it is the only source we have of his sacred music and operas, and until recently much of this music had never been heard by today’s public.

In 2000 the French record company Naïve began a project with the Istituto per i Beni Musicali in Turin, to record this large collection of music in its entirety. To date nearly 60 titles have been released, performed by many of the most notable specialists in historical performance practice today. The Vivaldi Edition recording project offers the public more than one hundred hours of listening pleasure beyond The Four Seasons and provides an opportunity to discover a treasure trove of superb works, in itself a compelling adventure.

Vivaldi Edition artistic director Susan Orlando

Naïve Classique Pierre-Antoine Devic, Aurélia Rippe

Naïve, a Label of Believe Group

vivaldi edition OP30574 K Vivaldi Concerti per violoncello III Christophe COIN violoncelle cello Onda Armonica