vivaldi edition

38 – Armida – 2009


38 – Armida – 2009

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Drama per musica in tre atti

Sara MINGARDO, contralto / ARMIDA
Furio ZANASI, baritone / CALIFFO
Monica BACELLI, mezzosoprano / OSMIRA
Raffaella MILANESI, soprano / ERMINIA
Marina COMPRATO, mezzosoprano / EMIRENO
Romina BASSO, mezzosoprano/ ADRASTO
Martin ORO, coutertenor/ TISAFERNO

Concerto Italiano
Rinaldo ALESSANDRINI, conductor

Only the first and third acts have survived of Armida. The second act on the present recording is a reconstruction substituting other opera arias by Vivaldi that fit the various situations. Quite successful during Vivaldi’s, it was performed in numerous theatres.

This is the 2nd opera recording of Rinaldo Alessandrini in the Vivaldi Edition, 7 years after L’Olimpiade.